Welcome to Plaza Alicante, the new reference point in the city to enjoy unforgettable concerts and events! In the heart of Alicante, our plaza stands as the epicenter of music and entertainment, with the commitment to offer unique experiences that will last in the memory of all attendees.

At Plaza Alicante, we understand that music is an experience that connects us, moves us and transports us to unimaginable places. That is why we have turned the bullring into a vibrant stage where the most outstanding artists will offer unforgettable concerts, with a varied program for all audiences.

But Plaza Alicante goes beyond music. We are a space dedicated to entertainment in all its forms, with the vision of becoming the cultural and social epicenter of the city. That’s why we not only offer concerts, but we have also created Plaza Gastro, a tailor-made area to enjoy exceptional culinary experiences before and after the events. You will be able to enjoy exquisite dishes, share time with friends, chat lively, dance to live music and immerse yourself in a fun atmosphere.

Everything that happens, goes through the square...

…is our commitment to offer you memorable moments in an original and lively environment.
Our venue is not only a meeting place, but a reference point where music, fun and good company merge to create unforgettable experiences.

Best of all, Plaza Alicante is located in the center of the city, with easy access and a unique location that guarantees a “round” experience.

Every afternoon and late into the night, Plaza Alicante will be a new adventure, thanks to special performances and events that will make every visit unique. Come and join us in this exciting journey, where music, gastronomy and fun meet in one place: Plaza Alicante, the new epicenter of leisure in Alicante.

We are waiting for you!

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